About the R+B Group

The R+B publishing group supports start-ups through their initial stages and assists small and medium-scale publishing companies to further advancement. The group seeks passionate entrepreneurs with a clear market profile in the publishing sector, whose aim is to jointly create a company with a firm future as a team. R+B is a publisher investment company that participates with distinctive companies in the creative industries, guiding them especially in sales related terms as well as commercially.
The R+B publishing group is managed by Mr Herbert Ullmann, and its main objective is to specifically support small-scale publishing companies that have a clear market outline, as well as start-ups, with the advancement and marketing of their products.
Although the individual companies collaborate closely, each operates independently as an enterprise, with a distinct profile of its own. All financial investments aim at maintaining sustainable growth and securing the companies’ future.

For further information or special inquiries please contact:
Mr Florian Ullmann
Phone: +49 (0)331/81736-117
Fax: +49 (0)331/81736-103
E-Mail: f.ullmann(at)rb-vbg.de